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    Recent Developments in Talcum Powder Litigation and Lawsuits

    Mississippi Talc Exposure Lawyers Discuss Recent Developments in Talcum Powder Litigation Involving Ovarian Cancer

    Although enormous numbers of women have relied on talcum powder for feminine hygiene needs for nearly half a century, approximately 12,000 lawsuits have been filed against manufacturers of talc products. Johnson & Johnson (J&J) has already been subject to large verdicts in lawsuits involving women who developed ovarian cancer related to their use of talcum powder. Products involved in these lawsuits include Baby Magic Baby Powder from Valeant Pharmaceuticals, J&J Shower to Shower, and J&J Baby Powder. Juries have been returning large verdicts in these talcum powder exposure lawsuits because of scientific studies revealing a link between ovarian cancer and the use of talc powder products. Further, allegations in recent lawsuits based on internal documents of J&J indicate that the company knew its product created an increased risk of women developing ovarian cancer.

    Understanding Talcum Powder 

    “Talc” is a substance that is comprised of a range of minerals that includes magnesium, silicon, and oxygen. The substance is ground into fine particles that constitute a powder. This powder is marketed for a range of uses such as controlling moisture in the female genital area. Although multiple companies produce talcum powder products, Johnson & Johnson constitutes the largest manufacturer of talcum dust for absorbing excess moisture and avoiding rashes among elderly adults. Talc powder has been widely used to absorb urine, bodily fluids, and sweat because of its absorbency.

    Studies Linking Talcum Powder to Elevated Risk for Ovarian Cancer 

    Multiple studies have revealed a link between the use of talcum powder to absorb moisture in the female genital area and an increased risk for ovarian cancer. An epidemiologist from Harvard University testified in a talcum powder lawsuit in federal court that he estimated the substance was the cause of approximately 10,000 new victims with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in 2013.

    A meta-analysis conducted in 2008 and published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology Biomarkers & Prevention evaluated sixteen previous studies and determined that the results revealed a 30% increased risk of ovarian cancer among women who routinely were exposed to talc powder in the genital area. In a similar 2013 study published in Cancer Prevention Research, researchers aggregated results from multiple studies that involved 20,000 women. The study found that use of talcum powder for hygiene needs in the female genital region was linked to a 24% increase for ovarian cancer. A study reported in the May 2016 found that genital use of talc powder among African-American women resulted in a 44% higher risk of developing invasive epithelial ovarian cancer.

    These more recent results reinforce research dating back as far as 1971 that indicated a connection between the use of talc for feminine hygiene and ovarian cancer. A study published in The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology revealed that talc particles could be identified in a startling 75% of ovarian tumors. These results were reinforced by a study published in 1982 in Cancer that found women faced triple the risk of developing ovarian cancer if they used sanitary napkins that contained talcum powder.

    Why Our Ovarian Cancer Talcum Powder Lawyers Can Make a Difference

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    Recent Lawsuits Based on Increased Ovarian Cancer Risk

    Two recent verdicts within the period of a few months against Johnson & Johnson have resulted in massive awards for women who used talc. The family of Jaqueline Fox filed a wrongful death lawsuit after using Johnson and Johnson’s baby powder for 35 years. The jury in the case returned a verdict of $72 million. The plaintiffs in this case successfully alleged that J&J failed to warn the public of the risk posed by using talc near the female genital region despite being aware of this risk for many years. In a separate lawsuit, Gloria Ristesund received a $55 million jury award after fighting to survive ovarian cancer. Talc was found in her ovarian tissue following a hysterectomy according to documents filed in the lawsuit.

    Talcum Powder Manufacturers Provide No Warnings

    Although there is a wealth of research and scientific studies confirming a link between talcum powder near the female genital area, J&J has been slow to provide warnings to consumers. When J&J’s talc supplier added warning labels in 2006, J&J neglected to follow suit according to lawsuits filed against the company. J&J continues to deny a link between their talcum powder containing products and ovarian cancer and have declined to include any form of warning of a potential risk on the packaging of their products.

    How Widespread is the Problem?

    Government estimates indicate that talcum powder uses by women for female hygiene purposes causes approximately 2,000 cases of ovarian cancer annually, which amount to 10% of all ovarian cancer cases. Talcum powder is also linked to about 1,500 deaths from ovarian cancer each year. 

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